Quantitative and Qualitative Improvements in DNA Extraction Procedures Using a Bronopol™ Tablet in Alpine Goat Milk.


Preservation of milk is important as it relates to Capra aegagrus hircus (Alpine goat) milk DNA extraction. We examined the difference in concentration and quality of DNA resulting from the use of a preservation tablet (BronopolTM) versus a preservation solution by Norgen Biotek. When examining the concentration and quality of DNA in goat milk for studies using somatic cells from goat milk, it is ideal to use a substance that has a long-term preservation potential. The concentrations and quality of DNA obtained from goat milk was compared. Two separate trial samples of Alpine goat milk were obtained. The preservation tablet commonly known as B-14 or Bronopol™ was dissolved into one sample of milk. Another sample of goat milk without a tablet used a preservation solution from a Norgen Biotek. All DNA extraction methods followed the Norgen Biotek Corp. manufacturer's protocol. DNA quantity and quality was analyzed using a Thermo Scientific NanodropLite spectrophotometer. The study showed that the traditional Bronopol™ was a better method of preserving and maintaining the integrity of DNA in the somatic cells that are present in Alpine goat milk. This is based on the results obtained following determination of quantity and A260/A280 readings for quality assessment. Thus, the use of Bronopol™ is the preferred method of preserving goat milk for DNA extraction.

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