Ecology of Duku Komering. / Ekologi Duku Komering.


Duku Komering is a fruit that is considered a typical fruit from South Sumatra. For the people of South Sumatra certainly no stranger to the ingredients on this one. The distinctive taste makes it considered different from the fruit of the duku from other regions. Duku includes seasonal fruits. Duku fruit can be easily found during the harvest season. Duku gardening is one of the main incomes for people in the Komering area besides rice. Once identical with the South Sumatra duku make some people want to know a lot about this duku plant. The book "Ekologi Duku Komering" was made as a reference for reading about the book of Komering. This book "Ecology Duku Komering" hopefully provides great benefits for us all, especially for the advancement of science in our beloved country, Indonesia.

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