Comparison of Jumping Distance on Several Grasshopper Species (Orthoptera).


Grashhoppers have the jumping ability to move on one place to another place. Other than that, Grasshoppers use the jumping ability to escape from predators. The jumping distance of several grasshopper species is not expected to be the same, this led to the idea to conducting reseach to measure the jumping distance of several grasshopper species. This reasearch was conducted in a closed room with a size of 5 m × 5 m. Grasshopper species measured by jumping distance are Atractomorpha crenulata, Gesonula mundata, Oxya hyla, and Xenocatantops humilis. The selection of these four grasshopper species is estimated to have different jumping distances. The result of the research showed that Oxya hyla have the farthest jumping distance compared to Atractomorpha crenulata, Gesonula mundata, and Xenocatantops humilis. Atractomorpha crenulata has the shortest jumping distance compared to Oxya hyla, Gesonula mundata, and Xenocatantops humilis. This difference in the jumping distance can estimated that Oxya hyla and Gesonula mundata more difficult to catch compared to Atractomorpha crenulata and Xenocatantops humili.

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