The Thermal Comfort Index and Aesthetic Quality Evaluation of Several Parks in Banda Aceh City. / Evaluasi Kenyamanan Termal dan Kualitas Estetika pada Beberapa Taman Kota Banda Aceh.


This research focuses on three city parks in Banda Aceh City, that are Taman Putroe Phang, Lapangan Blang Padang, and Hutan Kota BNI. The purposes of this research are to identify the characteristic of city parks existing condition, to analyze the thermal comfort index and aesthetic quality, as well as to suggest the recommendation of city parks improvement for the future. The method on this research using descriptive method through the calculation of Thermal Humidity Index (THI), Scenic Beauty Estimation (SBE), and questionnaires to the perceptions and preferences of visitors. Based on THI calculation, thermal comfort index on research sites classified in the category of quite comfortable. The part of city parks that represent the best of thermal comfort index is the area which has trees as the dominant vegetation. Based on the aesthetic quality evaluation, there are several factors that affect the aesthetic quality of the three research locations, that are the neatness; the combination of landscape element which consist of vegetation, water, and also pavement; as well as the arrangement of landscape that involves the principle of design. Based on visitor questionnaires, it is known that the visitors want some additional facilities to support their activities, and increasing the uses of flowering plants as well as shade plants to enhance the aesthetic quality and convenience of city parks.

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