Potential of Embam Fruit (Mangifera odorata Griff) which Falling to Support Insects Survival.


Embam (Mangifera odorata) is one of mango species (Mangifera spp.) which has a typical aroma. Some species of fruit flies are more interested in laying eggs on mango fruit compared to other fruits. It does not rule out the possibility that some insect species use fruit which falling to laying eggs or as a food source. Need a research to be done about the potential of falling fruit to support insects survival. This research was conducted in November 2018 by observing of falling embam fruit under the tree to see what insects contained in the fruit and analyze the benefits for these insects. Found 6 insects species from a total of 6 families and 2 order on embam fruit which falling. Insect species of order Diptera are most commonly found with a total of 5 species from 5 families. Insect species from order Hymenoptera found only 1 species. The difference on embam fruit ripeity and condition of embam fruit affects insects species which found. on a ripe embam fruit can be useful as a food source for insects, while in rotten embam fruit can be beneficial for insects to laying eggs.

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