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New Open Access article 🍓🌱

"Growth analysis of the everbearing strawberry ‘Delizzimo’ under controlled temperature and photoperiod conditions"

By R. Rivero, A. Sønsteby, O. M. Heide, K. A. Solhaug & S. F. Remberg

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New Open Access article on CABI Agriculture and Bioscience 🌾

"Articulating fertilizer subsidy effects on women’s diet quality by food supply source in Mali"

By Amidou Assima, Giacomo Zanello & Melinda Smale

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🦠🔬🦠🔬We're looking for submissions on the roles microbiomes are expected to play in food security and safety.

Be part of our 'Plant-microbiome interactions in relation to food security and safety' collection ➡ #WorldMicrobiomeDay

New Open Access article on CABI Agriculture and Bioscience

"Leaf spot of Telfairia occidentalis incidence and severity influenced by altitude and planting date in the West Region of Cameroon"

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New Open Access article on CABI Agriculture & Bioscience 🌱

"Yield performance, adaptability and processing qualities of pre-release potato clones under different Rwandan agro-ecologies"

Rukundo Placide, Ndacyayisenga Theophile et al.

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Proud to announce that I am now part of the editorial team of @CABI_Research One Health.

#OneHealth is the multidisciplinary study of the interdependence of humans, animals and plants to stay healthy.

#monkeypox #SARSCoV2 &🦠🦟🐄🐖



Olivier Blond 🟡+Ꝏ @olireiv

Before the advent of vaccines and tests such as PCR or antigen kits, a SARS2 pandemic would lead to a #ZeroCovid strategy.
- Now that we have vaccines against the first variant, are we safe?
- Are immunosuppressed people being supported?
- Is the testing still sufficient?

"Pumpkin and watermelon production constraints and management practices in Uganda" 🍉🌾

By Fred B. Masika, Titus Alicai, Hussein Shimelis, Gabriel Ddamulira, Shahasi Y. Athman, Perpetua Ipulet, Morgan Andama & Arthur K. Tugume

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👩‍💻👨🏾‍💻👩🏼‍💻👨🏽‍💻Submit your 'Digital innovations and emerging technologies' research to the CABI One Health journal!

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"Impact of breeder seed multiplication and certified quality seed distribution on rice production in India"

By Gogineni S. V. Prasad, Chilukuri S. Rao, Kota Suneetha, Kalambur Muralidharan & E. A. Siddiq

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New Open Access article on CABI Agriculture and Bioscience 🌱

"The potential for gene-editing to increase muscle growth in pigs: experiences with editing myostatin"

A. C. Dilger, X. Chen, L. T. Honegger, B. M. Marron & J. E. Beever

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