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Looking for guidance on writing your agricultural grant proposal?

Join Dr. Alsayed Mashaheet as he shares his experiences, tips and knowledge in our webinar series, starting with call selection and proposal alignment.


Why spend hours trawling through databases when you could find the article you want in seconds? ⌛🔥

Read our quick guide to Boolean Searching to find out how to narrow your search results, finding the research you need at speed 🔬

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Join us as we take you through the journey of writing your agricultural grant proposal, starting with our first session on call selection and proposal alignment.

📅6 October
⏲️2pm - 3pm BST
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We all know that essay deadline dread, but never fear, CABI’s here!

In this blog, we share our 3 top tips for finding super-specialized research, super-fast 💥

In just 5 years, Rwanda systematically demarcated and registered all land, comprising over 10 million parcels, and is now viewed as a model of success in the developing world.

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#InsightsonInvasives Asian Walnut Moths can destroy up to 80% of walnut yields in a year, as their caterpillars crawl inside young nuts and eat them from the inside out.

If you're researching the following...

✅ the value of genebanks in conserving genetic diversity,
✅ enhancing livelihoods of today’s farmers,
✅ future policy for developing agri-food economies

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Know what you want, but can't find it? As an organization with over 100 years of scientific research experience behind us, we know your pain 📚👀📚

In this blog, we explain how CAB Thesaurus works, and how you can use it to speed up your research ⏱️

This #OpenAccess book is a collection of fictional case studies of ethical dilemmas and challenges, encountered in the process of conducting global health research in places of global, political and economic inequality.

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